I design and hand make laser cut, plywood Kumihimo braiding disks.

My disks are laser cut from 3mm premium plywood, in a variety of sizes. The disks fit nicely in your hand and are light yet rigid which helps with braid tension.  I’ve made disks with a variety of groove sizes to suit different yarn thicknesses, from embroidery thread / floss up to chunky cotton cord.
I engrave compass N,E,S & W markings on the round disks to help keep track when rotating the disk during braiding.

I design all of my Kumihimo disks using CAD software, and then cut them out on my laser cutter. I always enjoy using craft tools made from wood, and find the lightness of the plywood combined with it’s rigidity works well for Kumihimo braiding.

Now available in my Etsy store.

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